Radio. Music. TV. Movies. Audiobooks. All on one platform!

Star Music Radio Station, created by LaTasha ‘T-Huny’ Williamson, presents SMR Live TV Network. SMR Live TV provides next-level entertainment by offering music, radio, movies, TV, and audiobooks all on one platform. Stream unlimited content for your enjoyment on, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS & Android devices. Being family-friendly, our foundation is built off of Faith, inspiration & motivational content. Our mission is to encourage & uplift others through entertainment by providing the resources to do so. Our music section plays many different types of genres. We stream everything from Hip-Hop to Pop music, Christian to Gospel. You can find both local artists & your favorite celebrities on SMR Live TV. We also play music videos on demand & on our live music TV channel. Radio is another category that SMR Live TV offers. Star Music Radio Station provides a majority of our radio content both on SMR Live TV Network & on We play music 24/7 & you can watch live radio interviews as well. We also have radio shows & podcasts. Our 3rd and 4th categories are Film and TV. Most of our films are geared towards family & children & we offer live TV channels. We also have a Kid Zone section providing age-appropriate music, educational videos, movies & more. Our 5th category provides audiobooks. Audiobooks can be read unlimitedly. SMR Live TV Network is next level entertainment offering music, radio, movies, TV & audiobooks all on one platform.¬†We will be launching soon! To contact us please email